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The Big Bang

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Hey there all,

So Kim and I have been playing with the idea of documenting the shop's progress in hopes that it will serve as not only a form of debriefing but also as a way to include our friends and family in our journey as opening a business of this scale is new to us and probably new to you as well. With that being said, we are not professionals of any kind. In fact, we don't know what were doing half the time. We're just two people who love a good challenge and take said challenges a little too far at times. We are going to play with the idea of these blogs by releasing them either once every two weeks or once per month just to keep you all updated so be patient and lenient with the grammar correcting. We can't catch them all nor do we have the energy to do so. Aside from that we hope you enjoy our story.

Take it back to late Winter 2017

we were snowed in at a bar across the street from our place and my partner and I were just reminiscing on previous years where we would never worry about being snowed in and having a million options on how we wanted to spend our days, being that we were both Californians recently relocated to the East Coast.

We dreamed of a place that we could call a home away from home where we can spend all of our time there and converse with other like-minded individuals and the occasional passerby that was just curious with what was intrigued with what they had stumbled into.


We are referring to of course was that of a place that combined two of our favorite things. Coffee and Motorcycles. This concept, although very common back home, proved to be lacking here. So in a drunken stupor we pulled out a napkin and started to throw some numbers down (my math gets better after a couple drinks). Within an hour or so we had a very very rough draft of what we perceived as the baseline necessities to create a shell of what we wanted and realized that this idea wasn't impossible at all. Just like that on a snowy February night Clutch Moto was conceived.

But of course as we all know, life happens and it continues. The idea was lost for a while with regular day to day still pushing us along. We would have conversations here and there about how we would go along building Clutch Moto, but never really did anything towards it. It wasn't until late on a summer day we found ourselves on the L train heading to some event in Brooklyn and the topic came up. Something came across us that day to take notes on the conversation and we realized that what started as a brainstorming session had turned into a spiderweb of creation. We went from talking about something within the line of events, to whom would host the events, to how we would budget those events, digging deeper and deeper until once again we found ourselves looking at what was once an idea to a full fledged plan.

We realized that we were on a path and there was nothing left to do other than to follow that path. That day forward everything that came across our minds, no matter how small, we wrote it down and by the end of the year we had drafted our very first business model, and a year after that we had raised enough funds to put our plan into action.

This road has been anything but easy and we doubt it will get any easier, but we look forward to sharing this journey with all of our friends, family, partners, and everyone else who will call Clutch Moto home.

Thank You and we look forward to you joining us in our journey.

Kim & Fernando

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