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Espresso with a side of Toilet Paper

We’re Open!

First and foremost we want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. Getting Clutch Moto to where it is now has been nothing short of a group effort and we could not be happier with the end result. We want to thank our friends and family for providing their unbiased opinions on the concept behind Clutch Moto. We would like to thank our new business family such as Modcup, Whos Gluten Free, Clo Coffee Co, Crossfit Bayonne, Bridge Art Gallery and Chofi for providing support, guidance, and feedback along the road. You learn very quickly that entrepreneurship can get quite lonely and we are thankful to have the experience of others to follow in their footsteps.

More importantly. You’ve got to admit we sure know how to pick a time to open. We went from being incredibly well received by the community and being non stop slinging espresso to an absolute ghost town within hours of the COVID-19 outbreak news circulating the masses. Mass hysteria fills the streets and people are coming into the shop expecting their drinks to be served with a side of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

As a small business owner this type of situation is shattering. We have two awesome baristas that we are responsible for, an overhead to maintain, and our own livelihood to consider. For those of you who have also been living under a rock, Kim and I are also expecting a little one to join our team in the next coming months.

We also want to thank the moto community because without them Clutch Moto would just be a cafe with some motorcycles in it. Big thanks to the Tobi, Vince and all the people from the Motosocial, Kirsten and Shelley from NYC Motomarket, Dom and all the guys from New York Classic Riders, and Rahoul from NYC Motorcyclist and anyone else who's gotten us involved in the moto community out here.

We also had the pleasure of being featured on NYC Motorcyclist and it was an absolute blast getting to know Rahoul and his amazing editorial skills. Read about it here:

We feel for all of the small businesses and employees in the private sector that have been affected by this movement. We feel that we have to make choices every day that affect a very large part of Clutch Moto because of the COVID-19 outbreak and our biggest concern is how to continue giving our customers the experience they expect from us while making sure they feel safe. We don’t really want to give some sort of statement saying what we're doing to make our place safer because honestly we feel so new to the game that we're swimming with sharks right off the get go. Instead we promise to be the best we can be until we can’t and even then, once everything goes back to a state of normalcy prepare yourself because we’ll hit the ground running and we expect you to be right there with us.

We appreciate every single one of our customers and if you have yet to visit us please do. We promise to put in our 100% to every visit you make with us.

Thank You,

Kim, Fernando & Potato

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