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A Pandemic Special

So Basically we’ll start off by saying that by some given grace of high being, we are still here. Given that we decided to open the doors to a business that for the most part thrives on community engagement during a time where it is frowned upon to deshutter, our customers have proven to be resilient and supportive. With little to no help from our government other than our local representatives, it has been you the community that has helped us keep doing what we love and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Anyways, where do we even begin.

The Covid Pandemic forced us to think outside the box in terms of customer safety and customer engagement. This was quite difficult to achieve in a society trying to get back on its feet from back to back punches from all sides. (Covid-19, Racial Tensions, Karen Culture, Political Oppositions, Ect.) We just wanted to keep finding ways to keep our community united through our coffee. The challenge to all of this fell under the pretenses that we had to make all this possible while practicing safe social distancing and following government guidelines. Being who we are, we got to work fast. We made an outdoor section for our customers to enjoy their coffee outside, we gave out coffee during protests, and sent care packages to schools all over the city for teachers returning to schools.

Now that many places around the country are starting to relax their safety regulations we are starting to see more and more familiar faces come back to the shop and we couldn’t be happier. We now allow indoor seating ,with some rules of course, but are glad to see our customers finally start to enjoy our space.

This fall we plan to hit the ground running first and foremost with our Acoustic Nights so if you have some tunes to play or know some talented friends please reach out. Our first Acoustic night is set to be on Oct 16th and we’re starting to book some awesome talent. We are also planning an outdoor halloween spooktacular, so fuel up those bikes and dust off that banana costume because we’ll be zipping away to a cool spot to hang out.

We are also incredibly happy to day view our Flagship Tees just in time for the holidays. They will be available for preorder soon so keep a look out as we plan on launching them very soon.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic we had always made it a point to support our local community. We have added a lot of cool brands to the shop for you to enjoy such as Whos Gluten Free, Baonanas, BuchaBae, Nu Tea, Balthazar Pastries, and Top That Donuts. All of them are local to New Jersey and Small Businesses that need our help during this time more than ever.

And finally,

ending on a good note. As a lot of you know, Kim has been pregnant for quite some time and has since then blessed the shop with a new General Manager, Baby Clutch. So if you haven’t seen us at the shop as often, now you know why. He is now two months old and has done everything but make operating a new business and starting a family anything but easy. Every day he is learning more and more and we couldn’t be more excited to have brought him along on this crazy journey of ours. Many of you have already seen him hanging out at the shop or chillin at some of the events we have been comfortable to attend.

So please, as the weather continues to ease into another winter keep on swinging by. We live off our community and couldn't be happier to be here.

Team Clutch.

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